How to debugthe "Too many requests"

Hello, i’m having issues with updating approx 40 websites.

When i add a custom zip plugin from MainWP

I have a lot of “Too many requests” issues

Ï tried setting put lower raters and frequencies in MainWP Advanced settings, but did not change anything.

The “too many requests” seems to happen randomly

For some websites, i tried to install the zip file to only 1 website (checking only one website on the right)
but still i have bug more than 50% of the time “too many Requests”

I wonder how i can debug that ? knowing from what server or plugin or line of code this error is coming ?

Is this error 100% on Mainwp server fault ? or the destination server can be responsible too ?
Thank you

Hey @Info1

“Too Many Requests” is a server response and not a MainWP error message, and considering you are getting this error even when trying to install a ZIP file to only one site, it is very likely that the cause is the server of the child site.

Are you getting this message only on a specific set of child sites, or is it completely random and can happen with any child site?

Hi Bojan, the error was random. It was definitely on the hosting main mainwp server, not on child sites.

We ended up moving the main mainwp on a dedicated server (instead of shared hosting) so we can monitor errors more precisely in the future.

Thanks for yo help, was appreciated

You are most welcome.

I’m glad you managed to find a solution.

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