How to Disable Major WordPress Core Updates in WordPress 5.6

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WordPress 5.6 which is on track to be released on the 8th December includes a new opt-in feature for major WordPress core auto-updates. There is a filter that will be added in WordPress 5.6 which means that the auto-updates feature can be disabled using a code snippet. MainWP offers a solid extension that allows code…

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Hopefully there will be a solution soon, to remove or disable the UI, because I don’t want my clients to enable the auto update by accident. This is discussed in #51698 (Consider to provide a hook to allow developers to hide the auto-updates UI for Core major versions) – WordPress Trac


That core trac ticket is linked in the post. I will update the post when the existing constant is confirmed that will disable the UI element.

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  • WP5.6 : For new installations, default behavior will change: opted-in to minor updates by default and opted-in to major updates by default.

Current core ticket.

Auto-updates UI: Consider setting it by default for new installations.

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