How to disable Uptime Monitoring and Site Health Monitoring

Both of these options are disabled under settings, yet they are still listed in the left menu, and are populated with current information.

We have another monitoring solution in place, and site health recommendations are not relevant to us, so how can they be turned off, so that these reports are no longer pulling this un-necessary information during sync?


Hi Paul,

Even when disabled, the Monitoring page will be listed in the menu, but checks won’t be performed.

Thanks Bogdan for your reply.

How is it that checks won’t be performed, yet recent data is on the report page?

I have to believe that bandwidth and processor cycles are being consumed, even though I have this feature turned off.

HTTP Checks and health monitoring checks are not performed along with sync request. These are separate processes.

If you suspect that your dashboard still keeps running the checks, you can open a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

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