How to find inactive licenses?

Is there any way to see which plugins require license updates? I have a few Wordpress installs where all plugins are updated according to MainWP, but when I directly access the child’s admin, I get a list of plugins which need license updates to get new updates.

“Please activate your copy of the to get update notifications, access to support features & other resources!”

I have to add the license keys manually, but without any notification I don’t know which installs are out of date. If MainWP could manage licenses it would be perfect, but any info about such pending licenses would be helpful.

Hi @phosis, thanks for reaching out.

This feature is not supported at the moment.

If you want, I can convert this post to official feature request, would that be ok?

I’m sure that would help many users, so yes, it would be nice to see it as a feature request.

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