How to get Termaggedon extension to recognize existing T pages on client sites

Hi Folks,

I have installed the Termageddon extension and activated it. I have a few sites I monitor via MainWP that already have Termageddon policies - Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer. How do I get the extension page - to reflect the already installed policies? Is the extension supposed to read the pages for the term javescript code, or is there a way for me to indicate that it exists?

@CapWeb Have you followed this KB ?

Hi Keith,

That KB article is a process to add a new Termageddon policy page to a website. I have a few websites that I manage that I set up Termageddon on late last year and early this year. They already HAVE the policy pages. However, the Termageddon extension page in my MainWP dashboard does not recognize that the policies are already in place. I’d like the see the grey “No” boxes be showing as green “Yes” in the appropriate columns - be it Privacy, Terms, Disclaimer or EULA.

I will use the KB article the next time I add a new Term customer to my MainWP. For right now I’d like to see the current base of Term users.

Hope this helps to clarify for you.


@CapWeb Thank you for the clarification. Termageddon for MainWP is a 3rd party extension developed by Termageddon. With that said, in order to speed up fixing your issue, I would reach out to them and report the issue so that they may diagnose and fix it if their team finds something. However, in the mean time If I come across a solution I will let you know .

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