How to get Total number of a group?

Hi, i have more than 1200+ sites totally, and on 1 group i have 900+, i can see the total group if I’m using “Show All Entries” and click select all, but its so lagging to scroll down to bottom only to see how many sites exact number and sometimes browser became freeze, is there any other way to know how many sites on each group easily?


  1. Go to Sites - Manage Sites.
  2. Set the filter to the group you want to see and click Filter Sites
  3. Just show a lower number of sites, like the (default?) 25 sites.
  4. Scroll down and check the site counter below this overview.

I did have some issues with loading the correct layout/styling and had to do a hard refresh of the page (even when repeating the same steps), so this might be a bug, but in the end it did show me the number of sites in this group.

Another option would be an extra column with a simple counter on the Sites - Groups page, but that’s not available yet.

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Hi, thanks @josklever, it should show as you suggest, but its turn out there is no site counter below, and after several time trial and error, its turn out the screen size “Zoom in or Zoom out” caused “missing” sites counter. I was adding sites in bulk (hundreds sites) before and to be able seeing the success or failed total below i have to zoom out to 80% of browser display size (Ctrl + “-”), maybe this cause error on Manage Sites window making sites counter disappear or overlapping with sticky menu/head on the bottom of window.

Now its fix, thanks for helping.

And extra column of total sites stats on Group page would be nice, and also we need option to add bulk sites on group, something like list of sites name copy and paste on the input windows of bulk group add.
At the moment I have to use multi finder extension for chrome, to divide 1k sites to 20 grup consist of 50 sites each.


Hey Bola - I am glad that you got things working.

However if you have suggestion or requests - please post them in the correct location as they will be ignored 100% here.

Post each request in a new ticket as well so that they are easy to see read and understand.

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