How to ignore an abandoned theme globally?

I’m fairly new to MainWP, been using it just under 2 months and so far find it very helpful as I learn the ropes. One thing I can’t seem to figure out is how to Globally ignore an abandoned theme. I see how to ignore on a per site basis, but I must be overlooking where the setting is to ignore globally.

The closest thing I could find in the documentation is this - Ignore Theme Updates - MainWP Documentation

However, I do not want to ignore Updates. I just want certain themes to not be reported as abandoned.

Test use case / example - let’s say I have the abandoned tolerance set to 180 days. Well, that will report the Twenty Twenty-One default WordPress theme as abandoned since it’s last update was 183 days ago, and since Twenty Twenty-One is installed on all the sites I manage (since having a WP default theme installed is necessary for troubleshooting and Twenty Twenty-One is the newest default currently available) when a large number of sites are involved it ends up being a lengthy process to check through the list of sites for themes that I don’t want to ignore as abandoned.

Can anyone provide some guidance? Thanks very much!

If I understand you correctly, the closest thing baked into the plugin would be the " Ignore a Theme on All Child Sites" that you found in the KB.

To fit the needs in your specific edge use case, you would need to create an Extension for your required parameters. You can find more about Extension development on the Dev site

Thank you for the reply @dennis

Perhaps you can understand my confusion since, in MainWP > Themes > Ignored Abandoned , there is this section:

Globally Ignored Abandoned Themes
These are themes you have told your MainWP Dashboard to ignore on global level even though they have passed your Abandoned Themes Tolerance date

This seems to imply that there is already the ability to ignore abandoned themes on a global level baked into the plugin.

I do wish that I had the time to learn how to become an Extension developer but I’m already spread too thin.

Hi David_H,

In order to Globally Ignore abandoned items, you can simply switch the view to Per Plugin/Theme and you will be able to see Ignore Globally button:


@bogdan Awesome! Thank you!

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