How to Improve Facebook Pixel Load Times on Your Site

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When you are using the Facebook Pixel for tracking how effective the Facebook advertising campaign that might be running for your site the request can slow down the load time of your site. In the case of the Facebook Pixel tracking code, it can add almost up to a second on the site’s load time…


We can’t see images inside your post (tested in incognito and not logged-in to make sure it wasn’t me.

The images are in the post they will load on scroll. Which browser are you using to view the post?

They are visible in the original post, but not here on the forum. There are Content Security Policy errors in the browser console (Chrome, Windows). It looks like the images aren’t copied over. I’ve seen this with other similar posts as well.

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@josklever is right, you should try visiting this post URL while using incognito and open your dev console

@sebastian-moran The same situation happens to me (Chrome, Windows). I’ve encountered the same behavior before in other posts, but I thought there was something wrong with me alone.

Images added after the original post look fine.

I really like the module, and I have been using it for a long time on other sites, together with other modules from the same author.

The module helps to delay the loading of a large batch of non-essential scripts for the initial rendering of the page.
This is how performance can be improved by remembering to load unnecessary scripts in the first seconds of loading.
The thing, which used to be done manually, is now very simple.

But be careful which scripts you add, I encountered unwanted behavior with the scripts of some form modules, the page reloads in many cases.
Also experiment with time, especially for analytics in case of rejection rates or analytics for short interactions, when they take place before the delay time.

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