How to stop annoying notification emails

I’m increasingly frustrated by the daily notification emails. I don’t seem to be able to turn them off anywhere. I’m checking into MainWP dashboard regularly and don’t need an update message every day. This borders on spam. When I remove my email from the dashboard and save, it just re-populates the email field again.

Any ideas how I can stop these emails?

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If you want to stop receiving daily email notification from your MainWP, you can always use this filter:

add_filter( 'mainwp_updatescheck_disable_sendmail', 'mycustom_mainwp_updatescheck_disable_sendmail', 10, 1 );
function mycustom_mainwp_updatescheck_disable_sendmail( $input ) {
  return true;

You can grab the free MainWP Custom Dashboard Extension and add that filter to the PHP section.


Wow, that’s a bit of a hack for something that should just be a simple tick-box, don’t you agree?
Also, what will happen with the next update? This code will just be overwritten I expect.

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Incorrect, that is why @Bogdan gave you the code to add to the MainWP Custom Dashboard Extension.

The beauty of open-source is you can make it behave anyway you want.


Sorry if this is a silly question: How can I get this extension while already having an account? I understand that this is a $0.00 purchase. Yet there’s no login on the checkout page, so it keeps complaining that my email address is already registered. Yet when I log in, I cannot get to the extension download from my account since it doesn’t keep me logged in between the two areas of the website.

Bit of a vicious circle. But the bottom line is, I cannot “purchase” the extension because I already have an account.

Try logging into your My Account page then ordering it.

Tried that. Doesn’t work.
But changed browser and cleared cache and that did the trick. Thanks.

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I see an order for you ordering it, is everything working correctly now?

Nadworks,why don’t you just drop it in the functions.php? It is an easy solution following a regular approach with a filter.