How to update MainWP Child plugin

To update the MainWP Child plugin, there are 2 simple methods:

  1. Stanard update method
  2. Update by overwriting the old version

Stanard update method

Once the MainWP Child plugin version is available, and after syncing your sites, the update will be available on the MainWP Updates page.

To perform the update, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your MainWP Dashboard
  2. Go to the MainWP > Updates page
  3. Set the Show per updates option to per Plugin/Theme
  4. Locate the MainWP Child plugin in the list
  5. Click the Update All Button

Update by Overwriting the old version

  1. Go to to download the latest version of the MainWP Child plugin
  2. Go to your MainWP Dashboard
  3. Go to the MainWP > Plugins > Install Plugins page
  4. Click the Upload .zip file button
  5. Next, click the Upload Now button
  6. Upload the previously downloaded MainWP Child plugin file
  7. Select all your child sites
  8. Make sure that the Activate after installation and Overwrite Existing options are selected
  9. Click the Complete Installation button