How to use MainWP reports pro, it's confusing

I’ve read the documentation of both Report Pro and MainWP Report and I still don’t understand how Analytics, backups, security etc. reports are made.

There is nothing in the docs telling how to set up those parts. Should I install additionnal plugins ? Are all plugins compatibles ? How to get the reports with visits, scan security, etc. Like in the demo ?
I only got “Updates”

Maybe i’m missing some ressources


Hi @596485iohu,

In order to show the Google Analytics data in reports, you need to have the MainWP Google Analytics Extensions set and your GA account(s) connected. Once the GA system is set, data will be included in reports.

To include Backups data, you need to have one of our Backup Extensions set and selected as primary backup system. For example, if you use the BackWPup plugin for backups on your child sites, you need to install the MainWP BackWPup Extension and once that is set, backups will show in reports. Please note that not all backup plugins are supported. Just the ones that we have extensions for.

For the Security data, you need to use the MainWP Sucuri Extension and run Security scans. Each scan will be recorded and later it can be shown in reports.

I see,
Can I add the Wordfence usual weekly reports in it ?
It generally shows the ip logins attempts, blocked attacks, etc…

Thanks for your help,

Wordfence built-in reports are not available in MainWP reports.

Here are tokens available for the Wordfence data:


[section.wordfence.scan][/section.wordfence.scan] – Loops through Security Scans during the selected date range


[wordfence.scan.result] – Displays the Status info for the Child Site
[maintenance.process.details] – Displays the Scan details
[] – Displays the Security Scan date


[wordfence.scan.count] – Displays the number of performed scans during the date range

For example, if you use something like this in the report:

Scan completed on [] with status: [wordfence.scan.result] ([wordfence.scan.details])

It will generate a report like this:

Scan completed on December 28, 2021 with status: Issues Detected (Scan complete. You have 4 new issues to fix.)
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