How was a security ID created

Hi Everyone -

We have 100+ sites on MainWP. On each setup, I have not added the need to have a Security ID.

However, one site was not connecting, and I realized that the checkbox requiring the security ID was checked. Once I added that everything was fine.

My question is - what would have made that be checked? Is that some system criteria? A user action that I did not know about?


Hey @DigitalMaestro

We are not aware that any of our products have interaction with that setting in the MainWP Child plugin.
So a manual and specific user interaction would be required to turn that setting on.

Are there users other than yourself who might have turned it on, perhaps without knowing what it does or maybe forgetting about it?

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Thanks for the confirmation! It is certainly possible that I hit the checkbox by mistake… or another user.

Thank you for the quick reply!

Be Well.


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