Howdy from Ottawa, Canada - I am Fred of WP Expert

Hello everybody,
My name is Frederic Sune and I am running a Web Design Agency called WP Expert. As the name of the company, we are WordPress expert offering web design but also maintenance plans using MainWP.
We are using MainWP since 2014, we did break up for a year (between 2018 and 2019) but, we were missing the flexibility and control that MainWP offers so we moved back (more than 70 sites) with Version 4. We are loving the new version and with the PRO report almost completed, we find the perfect solution to maintain our WordPress website.
We are extremely happy to see that MainWP set up this community. I think it will be much better than Facebook, especially when you are looking for answers.
Can’t wait to share with you guys!
And thanks @dennis for set up this “community”. This is a great idea.


I’m trying to keep calling it a community since forum sounds so old these days, but I can’t seem to stop myself and have to keep editing my posts :slight_smile:

@wpexpert I was able to find your pro email so I added you to the MainWP Pro Group

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LOL! Community it is then… I will edit my post to remove it but, so used to this term… And thank you to add me to the PRO group. Using MainWP since 2014 but I changed email from [email protected] to [email protected] so maybe that is why you may see the old email.

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For sure regarding search capabilities, I even can’t find sometimes easily something I posted in the group! :grin:


Hello Fredric, We are practicly neighbours. I am located in Oshawa. My daughter went to scholl in Ottawa and she is looking for a job there.

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Nice to meet you Larry! In which field she is looking for? Lot of jobs offers around here…

Early Childhood Education, she has sn interview with a daycare center on Monday

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She will definitely find a job easily…

Salut Fred … bonne nouvelle année !

Keep up the good work, and see you soon, I hope!

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Salut Jean-Francois!
Nice to see you here. Happy new year to you too!
Thanks and yes! If you are in Ottawa sometime, shoot me and email, we can meet for a coffee or lunch, on me :wink:

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