Howdy from the Redneck Coffee Snob

I am Todd. You may know me from posts at the MainWP blog. I love writing those and love engaging with the community.

I love digital marketing and I love content marketing and everything that goes with it. Oh yea, I also love WordPress… and MainWP!

And I like stories. Tell me your best story


Hey, our writer joined us! Welcome @tejones I feel like I need to make a “What are you listening to right now” category just for you :musical_note:

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Hi Todd… and welcome!
I am MainWP addict, too.
Happy to meet you. :wink:

Just kidding, I am happy you jumped on board, too!

Journey if you must know. Via Spotify. “Faithfully” its a classic!

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I’m a Redneck Coffee snob :smiley:

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