HTTP Error 414 when trying to login

Hello, on all sites in my dashboard, I get a HTTP ERROR 414 when I try to login from my dashboard. This only started happening within the last month. How can I fix this problem? Thank you.

Hi @1van0v, HTTP Error 414 URI Too Long response status code indicates that the URL requested by the client is longer than the server is willing to interpret.

Do you have some security plugins on your child sites? Is there a security plugin that is installed on all sites that experience the issue?

Hello @bogdan, yes I use iThemes Security on my child sites. When I disable it, login from dashboard works good again. Is there a way to have both plugins working at the same time?

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Under the System Tweaks section (in iThemes Security settings), you will find the Filter Long URLs option. If you disable it, everything should still work even if you keep the plugin activated.

This is a knows conflict that I wrote about here.


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