I am having trouble understanding some extensions, White Label , WPVIVID Backup, and custom reports

I am trying to get setup and moving from GD’s ManageWP. I am looking through documentation and videos, it is not real clear how to use the support feature in the white label, and also custom client reports is not real clear. There are a few videos that show a computer screen and music but no narration or explanation. Besides the fact that some of them are using an interface that is not the same anymore.

Is anyone making full use of these features.
The way I set up vivid backups is a little clunky, but it is working on all sites. The uptime monitoring must not be set up right, on GD’s version I could see the history and anytime there was a drop, I could see the history of when and for how long. but this just shows green for up. Maybe since I have had no downtime, there is nothing shown. I am going to love this much better dashboard, but don’t want to lose anything I had on ManageWP

Finally I cannot figure anything our about the client reports and how to set it up.

This is kind of a multifaceted long questiopn,l but I am not really finding answers. Overall this is much better that the other way. Thank MainWP for creating a wonderful tool! ;^)

I agree: not clear. Is there a knowledge base or How-to for the extensions? The frontend Marketing text isn’t really helping w/ regards to using the extensions.

All I find are the annoying videos that shows someone clicking around with music and no narration, you really cannot see what they are clicking. These types of videos are worse than no video to me.
They are super annoying.
If you find anything good please share it with me :sunglasses: