I have an mainwp problem with add site

there is a problem when i’m added site into mainwp,the error site is already added, but in managed list, there is nothing in there

@rafidaiva Hi! Please you the proper channels to post your requests - for your curtesy/convenience, I have updated your ticket to “Support”…

I have also responded to your full support ticket - any updates to this thread will be responded to there instead of here.

Thank you for your understanding.

sorry i dont know, i have a problem with add site in main wp, the error are like this Screenshot by Lightshot but when i check at the managed site there is no record for my domain

Somehow the site is there. Can you please check if there are any filters active on the Manage Sites screen? That might cause the fact that you don’t see all sites.

there’s no filter active in there, I’ve searched all over mainwp nothing at all, do you know what the problem abt it?

If you’re sure about that, maybe some orphaned data is stuck in the database, but it should best be checked by support, because I think it’s hard to explain seeing your brief reactions here. You would need to be familiair using phpMyAdmin and such.


Hi @rafidaiva,

As I got notified in the support ticket, the problem got resolved for you.
If you get a chance, can you please share the solution so it helps other users that might stumble into the same problem?

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