I would like to generate reports about all the sites connected to MainWP

I’m wondering if it’s possible to generate a report just for myself as an admin, that combines data across all the sites I manage.

In other words, how could I:

  • List all sites along with all the active plugins and inactive plugins

  • List all sites and all the usernames and roles connected (minus woo customers and subscribers since there could be a lot)

  • List only specific sites with above data.

The point is I want to make aggregate reports, not per-site reports.

As an example of how this would be used. I have a client who is an agency, and I manage about 15 of their sites. So they asked me questions about their sites and I’d like to make a report that basically lists all 15 sites along with all the active plugins, admin usernames, PHP version, etc.
So it’s kind of like a normal report but instead of one site per report, I put all the sites on one report so I can give to the client a list of their sites and details.

Maybe I can try to make Pro reports do this, but it seems more like a “admin-only” kind of report, something useful only to the site manager to get an overview of all their sites at once.

Any ideas?