I'm Maxime from Montreal, Canada

Hello everyone!

I’m Maxime Jobin, cofounder of SatelliteWP, a WordPress maintenance service based in Montreal, Canada.

My partner Jean-François (@jfa ) made a great job to explain what we do and why we use MainWP so I won’t repeat!

I’m the automation expert in our business. I think MainWP, despite not being perfect, is the best tool on the market to allow us to grow our business and integrate it with our processes.

My goal is to make MainWP our main tool for maintenance and create integration with other tools we use.

I’m here to help and make the tool better. Nothing more, nothing less!


Hi Maxime, welcome to the MainWP Community.

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Hi @maximejobin, nice to see you here! :wink:

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Welcome @maximejobin! Can’t wait to see what you contribute.

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