Importing Sites

Hi there, just a suggestion here:

This help doc should be updated to include this information from this page from @Keith Crain.

Following the main help doc wasn’t working at all for me and based on the small details mentioned in the other link I suspect it wouldn’t work for others either.

Hopefully, some else finds this information and it helps them out.

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In my experience, importing sites in bulk does work, i did alot of sites imported, with CSV file using tab divider : site name + site site url + username + groupname. Just make sure MainWP child plugin already activated on child site and make sure the site url is the correct url (http:// or https:// with www or non www).

@Solomon_Antonell Glad my write up worked for you. We are still in the process of updating that area.

Do you have any issues we need to look into with your setup?

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