In the Pro Reports screen, the list of sites disappears around ~500ms after page loads

I’ve been playing with the Pro Reports plugin but not been able to generate one as, for some reason, the list of sites briefly appears but then disappears once the page is loaded.

Do I need to activate this on a per-site basis or something?

Typing something into the filter box doesn’t seem to do anything, either.

No errors in console, though the message init ui element. appears around the same time as the sites disappear.


Wordpress 6.1.1
MainWP Dashboard
MainWP Pro Reports Extension 4.0.11

Happens in both Chrome and Firefox

Hey @doctypedigital

Pro Reports requires the MainWP Child Reports plugin to be installed on child sites for it to work.

After you install it on Child Sites, and Synchronize the Dashboard, the sites should appear in the sidebar on the right.

Additionally, the MainWP Child Reports plugin must be installed and active to log any activity on Child Sites. So if you didn’t have the plugin installed so far, there will be no data to report for Child Sites.

You can find more information about Pro Reports in our help documentation: Pro Reports extension overview - MainWP Documentation

Ah yes that worked, must have missed that bit.

Thanks @bojan!

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