Incompatable HOST?

I use two hosting companies for all of my 30+ websites. I have begun ending my hosting with HOSTGATOR in favor of NAMEHERO, since it is much faster.
For several weeks there was NO PROBLEM with MWP- everything worked fine. All sites from both hosts worked on MWP.
Yesterday, (1/5/21), all the sites hosted on NAME HERO were RED tagged on my mWP dashboard and all
efforts to reconnect the sites failed.
The only functioning sites are hosted on Hostgaator, which I am dumping as my Host service.

Can you advise what I should do- and I do NOT wish to eliminate Name Hero as my hosting company.
Al T (Shelbyal)

Hi Alfred,

To me it looks like some server-side security layer started blocking requests from your Dashboard.

Can you please check with your hosting provider if they can review server firewall logs and make sure the firewall is not blocking requests from your Dashboard IP?

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