Install a plugin based on sites having another plugin

On many of my sites I want to replace a plugin, so I’m glad I found out that I can search for the old plugin via Plugins, select all and go to “Install to Selected Site(s)”, which takes me to the installation screen with the sites already selected.

Now there are 2 bugs:

  1. The “Install to Selected Site(s)” button only appears after clicking “Select All”, not when I’m selecting some or all sites manually.
  2. On the installation screen I can search the new plugin in the repository, but as soon as I do the search, the selected sites become unchecked. So as a workaround I had to download the new plugin and use the Upload Zip function to get the plugin to the selected sites.
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Hi Jos,

Thanks for reaching out. I tried to duplicate the reported problems and I was able to duplicate the #2. The #1 is not something I can replicate on my side.

I will get our dev team fix that usability problem and make the plugin “remember” the sites selection.

Regarding the 1st point, can you please try to deactivate all plugins except for MainWP Dashboard just so we are sure it’s not some JS conflict?

I see now that #1 is indeed a little different. When I select the actual sites manually the button does appear. I actually hoped that these sites could also be selected, when clicking the checkbox with the plugin name in the column header. Like: “all sites having this plugin”. This would be nice to have, if there are multiple versions of the searched plugin or if there are other plugins containing the same search string.

Jos, we will look into this. I already made a note for the dev team and we will get to the bottom of this.

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