Installation Failed (unauthorized)


When installing a plugin from the MainWP dashboard, I’m coming across the error I mentioned in the subject line. I did deactivate Ithemes on one of the site and still, no luck. If it’s not a security plugin what is it? Pretty all websites are not authorizing it.


Hi Mohammad,

thanks for reaching out.
Can you please tell me do you have the HTTP Basic Authorization set on your dashboard site or some other security layer on the server that could block requests from your child sites?

Hi Bogdan,

Thank you for the prompt response. By authorization do you mean if I have SSL installed on the dashboard site? If so then yes. Unless you are talking about another setting?

Hi Muhammad,

thanks for getting back to me.

I am not talking about the SSL certificate, I am asking about HTTP Basic Authentication, or the other word is directory protection. The security layer that asks you for the HTTP Username and Password before the site is loaded.


You know what you’re talking about. Indeed, I do have that protection in place. Is that what you think is causing? If so, is there a way to keep it in place while installing plugins remotely?


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Hi Muhammad,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes, I think that this security layer is causing the problem.
Can you try to temporary disable it to verify?

If that solves the problem, please check the MainWP Clean and Lock Extension which allows you to set the same security layer without breaking this functionality.

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