Integrate reporting/logging into the mainWP child plugin, instead of using additional extensions on the child site

Hey guys,

As a quick intro. I’ve been through a few WP management platforms, from IWP to and a few others, and I’ve settled on MainWP for good due to a few reasons: 1) Community and community engagement from the devs 2) Privacry 3) FOSS project.

Although I’ve only been using MainWP a week and have endured a few headaches, I’m definitely settled in for the long haul. This leads us to present post!

So, I was confused by the need to install a bunch of extra stuff on child sites (which in my case is mostly client sites) to get basic functions that IWP and watchful has built-in into the “main plugin”. I’m talking about reporting and logging. I understand more extensive stuff might require a stand-alone plugin/extension, of course.

I know this is not relevant to everyone, but at least a subset of users here try to keep maintenance, logging and security plugins to a minimum, as it can be seen as sloppy and sort of a band-aide approach by clients, and let’s face it, regardless of quality, more code-bases does add complexity and margin for error.

So, there it is. This is my feature submission :slight_smile:

@webmaestro, you probably know you can install a defined set of plugins to the child site from your master. So you just install the mainWP child plugin, then install all the reporting, logging, security, branding, etc. when you connect the child to the master.

Yeah I read about it. I love that feature of course, but the point remains that I prefer to not install additional plugins manually or automatically :slight_smile:


You are right. This separate plugin, l as far as I know, derives from the fact that once a plugin called “stream” was needed to use the logging feature. As this plugin was discontinued, MWP turned the code into their own logging plugin.

Anyways, today it should definitely be included and not a separate plugin. At least to keep things tidy but even more in terms of consistency.