📢 Introducing MainWP 4.3 – Intuitive UI & Client Management

Hello MainWP Managers,

Today, I am thrilled to announce MainWP 4.3, a relatively big release for UI/UX, added features such as Client Management, fixes, and much more.

Here’s a glimpse of MainWP 4.3:

  • Client Management System: Organizing your clients is now easier than ever. Create profiles of your clients, add tags, assign Child Sites, Suspend clients, and more.
  • New Default Theme: A more appealing color palette for your MainWP Dashboard, which you can easily customize the way you want.
  • Plugin & Theme Icons: Now, you will see plugins and theme icons to recognize them visually.
  • Install Extensions: You can install the available MainWP Extensions directly from the WordPress.org repository.
  • Extensions Page: Ability to Enable, Disable, and Delete extensions from the Extensions page.
  • Non-MainWP Changes: Your MainWP Dashboard can now detect changes made outside the MainWP Dashboard.
  • Besides that, we also revamped the way of managing plugins, themes, and Child Sites by flipping items to Vertical instead of the long horizontal scrollbar.
  • And much more…

Head over to the announcement post to have a deep dive.

And, here is a complete Walkthrough that won’t take much time.

If you have a question about anything, feel free to ask below.

Thanks for choosing MainWP!


A big update! Congrats to the team.


Fantastic update! Once again you made our web-life easier.


Just saw the new 4.3 interface for the first time … what a shame that so much more screen is used for everything.
Xero did this as well a while back and got lots of backlash about it.

It is bolder and takes more space, but that is about all, as far as I can see … and I’m not sure if either is better.

Oh, and just tried my first update round …more than half the site do not update with the following error:
MainWP Community for help.">
Not a helpful error message and not one I have ever seen before so … no …v4.3 is not something I’m happy about at this time …

Hey @SuppY

Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate hearing the constructive criticism as well as the praise :slight_smile:

You can easily revert to the old theme or to a new Dark theme which is now part of the core MainWP functionality. The old theme is called Classic. Check out our help article for more information.

Regarding the error you’ve received - please create a new post about it in the Support board. We’d be happy to help you.
And then, please give us a bit more information regarding it.
Is it only for specific plugins/themes or for all plugins/themes on specific sites?
Do those sites have an up-to-date version of the MainWP Child plugin?

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Hi! The update is looking fresh, nice work!

I have however run into a major issue. Straight after updating to 4.3, all my sites have vanished. My extensions are still there as well as their settings, but all websites are gone…

I am also still digest emails regarding updates to the once connected sites.

Panic’ed to early 8-).

Everyone that runs into this, see this article: How to fix the empty Manage Sites table after update to version 4.3 - MainWP Documentation

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