Introducing Themes in the MainWP Custom Dashboard

Years back, we released the Custom Dashboard Extension so that users can customize the MainWP Dashboard by changing the font, color, moving a button, etc.

But it required custom CSS & PHP so we created an easier way for you to customize your Dashboard.

:loudspeaker: Today, I’m happy to announce the built-in “Themes” inside the Custom Dashboard extension.

All you need is to have the updated Custom Dashboard extension installed on your MainWP Dashboard. Navigate to Custom Dashboard → Settings, and choose your desired theme from the dropdown.

:point_right: Step-by-step instructions

Since MainWP is an open source and a self-hosted solution, you can always tweak existing themes or create your own.

Psst… Just curious to know, which one do you like the most? Or already using a custom-built layout? Share some inspirations! :pencil2:


The changelog has not yet been updated: MainWP Custom Dashboard Extension Changelog - MainWP WordPress Management

But I’m gonna try it out. The dark version looks nice! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’m also a fan of Dark Mode. :slight_smile:

And the changelog has been updated. Thanks!


When updating via WP Admin - Plugins I get the error that the update failed because the package is not available. Updating via the Updates screen seems successful, but going to Plugins after that, it shows that the plugin is disabled, because it doesn’t exist. It has been removed from the server!

The strange thing is that the MainWP Comments Extension was reinstalled (same version as it already had installed 4.0.6). So it looks like the update file contains the wrong extension.

Installing the extension again via MainWP - Extensions is successful in the end, but please check the update file.

Hi @josklever,

I am sorry to see that you experienced this problem.

I just triple-checked the update process on our end and verified that all files are updated correctly.

The update works fine for me in both screens, Installed plugins and Updates, please see here:

If you keep experiencing this issue, please feel free to reach out to us so we can check what is happening on your side.

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Let’s go!!!

I don’t have time to repeat the test, but maybe tomorrow… :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I’ve just tested the update again and it was working now, so probably it was a small issue yesterday, that is fixed now.


Here is mine:


Wow this is great. I have been waiting for a long time for a dark theme. Thanks!


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