Is F0xAutoConfig part of MainWP

Thanks for making MainWP.

Somewhere along the way I think I may have let it get infected. Wordfence says it has found and corrected issues but I still have a file, F0xAutoConfig/ that causes errors for one of my backup procedures.

Is F0xAutoConfig/ a part of MainWP (none of my other sites seem to have it so probably not Wordpress) or is it part of the problem?


F0xAutoConfig is not part of MainWP.

A quick search found this A $100,000 Save Made by Detecting Emotet - CYDEF referencing a F0xAutoConfig

I recommend checking your site on to go along with your WordFence Check.


Also, I would add that MainWP is available in Github, so you can always check the plugin source code.

Please see here:

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Thanks for the reply. I have deleted it, sites still up, tick…tick…

Wordfence still saying OK. I am going to let it ride a couple of days and see if it returns again.

Thanks again for the info and the link.


Thanks, that is good to know.


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