Is it time to retire the MainWP Spinner Extension?

The MainWP Spinner is one of our oldest Extensions, and since we have no way of knowing who is using the Extension or not, this poll will let us know if we can stop using resources on the Extension and move on to newer projects or if we need to keep it open.

Remember @Pro , your vote counts!

  • Retire
  • Keep

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I would vote keep but popin disturb me on mobile and it goes to retire.

However why do you want to retire it ? I don’t think it’s a lot to maintain it. No?

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Honestly, I don’t use it for now… But I have a lifetime Gold account with Spin Rewriter and when I’m ready to use it, it’s going to be great to have the MainWP integration so that I can do it faster on multiple sites…

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If we retire it we’ll leave it open in our GitHub repo so you can still grab it, we just won’t update or support it.

Why you should use it? In the dutch language it gives complete nonsens. Maybe in english is better. But for to make unique content for Google it is complete useless.

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The Spinner just uses information from the APIs of one the providers but sounds like you’d vote to “Retire”. :grinning:

Anytime spent having a developer working on an Extension not being used is wasted time.

Honestly, when I was evaluating whether or not to use MainWP, the very fact that it featured a Spinner extension left a negative impression on me. Even though spintax may have been effective back in 2011 and probably still has it’s uses today, my personal view has been that it’s more of an old-school blackhat SEO technique that may not be the best approach to SEO in 2020. So seeing it in the extensions list made me wonder if the MainWP product itself was becoming outdated. I doubt many other people would have the same thought right away and there are obviously benefits to continue supporting it, but I personally wouldn’t have a problem seeing it retired.


I agree with Robert A Staddon, Spinners are useful if AND ONLY IF you take the time to properly write excellent copy, but none do and the outcome is gibberish. better to pay a good writer to create good content. If any are in need I have such a writer for under $10. per 500 words. (This is not an advertisement) I am just trying to help the people that help me. I have a good team and if I can help them make more money then it is my duty. But as far as spin content I only use it for video descriptions that are short and sweet. So retire away.


Main reason I use MainWP is the ability to use the spinner to post out to my PBN’s.

To clarify, I don’t use the spinner via API, but I use the ability of the post & title input to accept spintaxt format. Is that ability linked to having the spinner extension or not?

As that’s the function I DON’T want to lose

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Using spun content seems like a very out of date practice, in fact I was surprised that MainWP even offered it because it seems like something people do to ‘game the system’. I’ve had many of my articles republished by folks who ran my original work through spinners that I’d prefer if all spinning tools just went the way of the dodo. I’d rather see MainWP developers spend their time on other tools more current to today’s practices - like maybe a RankMath SEO extension.


@cgscomputers apologies on the delay with your post Akismet flagged it as spam :innocent:

I seem to be good at flagging spam systems sometimes :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

Tricky! I agree with Robert @abundantdesigns on the negative association. I was the same. I suspect as time passes it does less to help to sell MainWP as a modern website management tool for professionals.

I have lost trust in developers who have pulled functionality, but it seems different with extensions that are still available .

Do you have a process for retiring extensions so there is some warning period? If a security issue was found would that get fixed?


Retired Extensions - MainWP WordPress Management

Goes into detail


Ah yes thanks. I thought I had read something before. Seems very reasonable to me and personally it gets my vote for retirement.


We’ve sent multiple notifications and even sticked the message to every page in the community and as a small community, a decision has been made.

  • 75% to Retire
  • 25% to Keep

The MainWP Spinner will be retired.

If you want to continue to use the Spinner you can download from the GitHub page: