Is possible to change login URL page?

Is possible to change the login URL page without an additional plugin? I use WP Admin Cleaner to change but there is maybe an option to do it with MainWP?

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Changing the URL of the login page is not possible with MainWP.

If you find a code snippet that does it, then you can use our Code Snippets extension to apply it to all desired child sites.

This is also considered “security through obscurity” and that’s actually no security. Compare it to hiding the door of your house instead of trusting on a good lock. I’ve also seen that it can cause all kinds of conflicts, so it’s much better to protect against brute force logins instead of hiding the login page.

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Thank you for your comment.

  • long passwords
  • control amount admins accounts
  • 2fa
  • captcha

Do you have any more recommendations for that?

I use Wordfence Security for brute force login protection. That way IPs can’t keep hammering your site. It’s firewall can also be loaded before WordPress is loaded, so it doesn’t cost many server resources.

Thank you, Jos. I will deep dive into the subject.

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