Issue Syncing Child Sites with Cron - Not working

My MainWP setup is no longer correctly syncing child sites via Cron and I need to manually sync in order to see the updates for plugins, themes, etc. I’ve read a few older posts having similar issues and tried most of the “suggestions” but nothing seems to be working anymore.

This all stopped working when I tried to disable wp-cron and use my Gridpane GP-Cron to manage all updates, cron, etc. I have since DISABLED external cron, reset the MainWP to turn wp-cron back on, but nothing is working again.

When looking in MainWP > INFO > Cron the mainwp_cronupdatescheck_action hasn’t run since Feb 2023, take a look at these other weird issues on the cron schedule.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I screwed up :slight_smile: and if so, how should i fix things?

Do you just stick with the built in MainWp cron settings and use WPcron, or did you disable and move to external cron manager? any help is appreciated

Hi @Tinch72

When you disabled the external Cron, did you enable the Cron in MainWP Settings?

And can you check if there are any commands in wp-config.php related to WP Cron?

Our usual recommendation is that if you want to make sure that WP-Cron jobs are regularly triggered on your MainWP Dashboard, you can add your Dashboard site as a monitor to an uptime service such as Uptime Robot.

The Uptime Robot will ping your dashboard site regularly and make sure that all scheduled events are occurring.

yes i did. I’ll create a support ticket in case you or anyone needs to get access to check on my site and settings.

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