Issue with reactivating child plugin

I have a site that has the child plugin installed but deactivated. There’s an issue with reactivating the plugin and connecting it to the control site… We have require “Unique Security ID” on and also hide the plugin from the dashboard. So when I reactivate the child site plugin I can’t see the security ID to add it to the control site. Any solutions for this?

Can you please check this help doc and let us know how it goes:


If the “Unique Security ID” is the only thing that you need in order to reconnect the site, there is one really neat way to get it.

Since the “Unique Security ID” value is something that is saved in the child site database, you can get it from there. The easiest way to do that is to visit the …/wp-admin/options.php page on the child site, the page is designed to show the wp_options database table from the site database where the MainWP Child plugin stores this value. Once the page is loaded, use Ctrl + F to trigger the browser find feature. Search for mainwp_child_uniqueId. Once found you should be able to copy the value from there:


Good trick! I completely forgot this options page… Thanks for the reminder @bogdan!

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