Issues installing plugins on one child site only

I have an issue with only one child site. It became disconnected and would not reconnect, so I re-added the site to MainWP. That works.

I attempt to install BackWPup and copy settings during the add process and it fails with the error message “Installation failed(Error while installing)”. However, the plugin is actually installed and activated on the child site, but the settings are not copied (i.e. the existing backup jobs are not loaded).

If I go to Extensions > BackWPup > Jobs and edit a job, every child site updates accordingly, except for this one site. It shows a red ‘X’ and TWO duplicates of the backup job are set up on the child site. I delete one, edit a job again from the dashboard site, and two more copies of the job are added to this child site.

I’ve tried deleting the site from the dashboard, deleting BackWPup and the MainWP plugins from the child site then setting it up again from scratch and the same thing occurs.

There are no problems with the other child sites.

Hi Ryan, does the site sync fine when you get it reconnected?

Yes, it syncs fine. Everything seems to be working with the exception of installing plugins or applying BackWPup jobs.

Every line of the child site Server Information page shows ‘Pass’ except this warning:

SSL Warnings: error:0909006C:PEM routines:get_name:no start line

Other child sites on the same server have SSL Warnings: Pass.

Hi Ryan, thanks for the update.

Can you please let me know what is the OpenSSL version number on the child site?

cURL SSL Version: OpenSSL/1.1.1g

Thanks for the update. Version seems fine.

It’s interesting that it happens only on one site. Is this the only child site that you have on that server? Could it be some plugin conflict? Have you tried to temporarily deactivate all plugins except for the MainWP Child on the site?

Have you tried to reissue the SSL to see if this solves the issue? This error usually means that the SSL key hasn’t been properly formatted.

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