Issues with displaying updates notifications - differences between overview and update pages

It has been a while since I saw this issue but never reported it! So here it is.
Here it says 1 update on the overview page:

But check the Updates section → 3

And it’s worst when you go to it, it says “No available updates”!
I can give more examples with different sites, always the same issue.
But if I update everything, both notifications are gone.

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Hey @wpexpert

Thanks for reporting this to us.

I’ve managed to reproduce the issue. It appears that when there is an available update to WP Core, the counter on the Updates becomes incorrect.

I’ve passed this issue along to the development team for further investigation.

We have fixed the issue, and it will be included in the next release of the MainWP Dashboard.

You can find the pre-release version with the included fix at this link:

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That was quick @bojan. I installed the pre-release the numbers are matching now but when you go to updates, it doesn’t show WP core, only themes and/or plugins, normal? When you see 2 updates, and you click, you are thinking that you are going to see 2 but, nope, only one.

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On our Dashboard, we now see accurate lists of WordPress Updates, Plugin Updates, and Theme Updates.

Can you try hard-refreshing the browser window (or clearing the browser) cache and see if that helps?

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:grinning: I never realized or see the dropdown! Pouuuahh… I was waiting to see everything on the page!
Yep, it works now… Maybe a good idea to have them all in one instead of the dropdown?
Anyway, problem solved. Thanks @bojan

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