Issues with MainWP Dashboard v4.4

Thanks for the new version, really amazing work!
I have 2 issues:

  • Client info is displaying doesn’t matter if the checkbox is ticked or not
  • Non-MainWP changes, trying to delete all of them, got the confirmation popup, select yes but they are all back, nothing is deleted…
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BTW, I solved one issue with this custom CSS:

/* hide clients info dashboard */
#widget-clients {display: none;}
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Hey @wpexpert

Thanks for pointing these out.

Client widget doesn’t currently have a on/off toggle in the Page Settings. Only toggles for Individual Site Overviews.

We’ve now added the toggle for the Overview page, and addressed the issue with clearing the Non-MainWP Changes widget, and the fix will be included in the next release of the Dashboard.

You can find the pre-release with these fixes included at this link: Dropbox - - Simplify your life


Good morning @bojan,

Thank you for the quick fixes! I installed the pre-release and both issues are resolved!

Thanks, Fred


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