Issues with mainWP reports

I have been testing mainwp for a coupel of weeks now, I have a daily report setup, and it is just not giving me any data

the basic uptime monitoring is enabled, yet it is just blank.

Last 7 Days
Last 15 Days
Last 30 Days
Last 45 Days
Last 60 Days

Also for the lighthouse section, I just get this


Performance score [lighthouse.performance.desktop]
Accessibility score [lighthouse.accessibility.desktop]
Best practices score [lighthouse.bestpractices.desktop]
Seo score [lighthouse.seo.desktop]
Last check Time [lighthouse.lastcheck.desktop]

Not really having any luck with MainWP support, they seem to think this is perfectly normal and acceptable report.

But obviously if I were to send this report to a client,t heya re going to ask why uptime has no data, and what the heck the litehouse means.

It is also pretty bland and ugly comapred to ManageWP reports. No images/graphs etc.

Is this really how its meant to look?

Hey @Russ_Michaels

Uptime Monitoring report data relies on the Advanced Uptime Monitoring extension to gather data.

Additionally, if you want to avoid sending empty sections in the report, simply select “Hide if empty” for the relevant report data section.

Those are the only available Lighthouse tokens, but if you enable Lighthouse report data section, additional information will be present in the report.

There are several built-in report templates, but we also offer the ability to completely custom the look of the reports and the included data. Take a look at our help document here: Pro Reports extension overview - MainWP Documentation

What is the purpose of the basic uptime monitoring module if you cannot actually use it?

the lighthouse section is of course enabled in the report, thus why I am getting this section on the report.

Can you please clarify what exactly is the point in putting those tokens on the report, they are meaningless to anyone and serve no purpose.
Surely it is meant to actually display data, not the token.

The purpose of the Basic Uptime Monitoring feature is so that the MainWP can notify you if a site does not return a Status Code 200 (OK) message. It is not designed to be used for Pro Reports data.

If you have Lighthouse extension enabled, and the Lighthouse is enabled in the “Report Data” tab, but in the actual report you don’t see the data but only the names of the tokens, please open a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further.

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I have opened a ticket, as mentioned already at the start, but not really getting anywhere, thus why I have posted here.

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