"Jump to the site WP Admin" link not working

I have started using MainWP recently and am finding it very useful, however, I have encountered a problem with a couple of the sites I am managing.

Initially, when I first installed the MainWP child and connected them to the dashboard I was able to connect properly with each individual site. More recently, there are a couple of websites where the link simply sends me to the admin login as opposed to automatically authenticating and taking me to the website dashboard.

Is there a way of resetting the connection between the MainWP dashboard and the child sites?

One of the websites I may have changed the administrator password. Could this have caused this issue? the second site it is occuring on, although I am not certain, I don’t remember resetting the password for that one. Are there any other potential causes of this breakdown in the automatic link and authentication to child sites?

Thanks to anyone who can assist.

Hi Ben,

thanks for reaching out.

Resetting connection between MainWP Child and Dashboard is simple, you can simply disconnect site and reconnect, but I don’t believe that this will solve the problem you are experiencing. Also, password reset should not affect this.

Can you please tell me do you use the iThemes Security plugin on the child site in the problem? If yes, can you try to disable the Filter Long URLs option that you can find under the System Tweaks menu and see if that helps?

Thanks Bogdan

Neither site experiencing the issue uses iThemes Security.

Strangely also, the problem does not otherwise interfere with site updates or synchronisation.

Hi Ben, thanks for getting back to me.

Is there any other security plugins on the child sites in the problem?

Hi Bogdan

We are using Wordfence.

Does it help if you temporarily disable it?

Hi Bogdan

It did not help to temporarily disable Wordfence. Also, some of the other sites using Wordfence operate fine.

I am not positive, I think there is one of the instances of this issue that is intermittent. It was working fine initially when first installed, then wouldn’t login, then worked fine again, and now isn’t again.

The other one is consistently not logging in, although it too had been fine when first installed.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

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