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My VPS is crashing on a semi-regular basis around the same time of day (noonish PDT). I’ve been trying to track down why, and one thought was that there are a lot of tasks (backups for example) running at the same time.

Is there a function somewhere in MainWP that lists out, or will otherwise let me know, when tasks are occurring so that I know if, for example, I have a large cluster of backups occuring at the same time?

I have about 150 sites on MainWP, just FYI.

Hi @daveb444

A good starting point would be Action Logs (MainWP Dashboard > Info > Action logs).

The feature is still in the Alpha phase of development, so it still doesn’t quite track everything.


There is also a 3rd party Extension not created by us that can be used for tracking activity on your Dashboard.


Any of the currently available “Uptime” monitors will also tell you what the error was they got when an issue was detected. I figured this might be useful as well.

If you dig into your Resource Usages on your VPS Hosting account it may also point you in the right direction as to what is causing the downtime.

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