Last Backup Column always shows Never on Manage Sites page

Okay on my Client site I have WPvivid Pro plugin installed along with the MainWP Client plugin.

On my MainWP website I have the WPvivid MainWP extension plugin installed.

I have WPvivid set as the primary backup plugin for MainWP.

When I am on the MainWP Dashboard and go to Manage Sites the “Last Backup” column shows “Never” even though a backup happened last night.

I have synched the Dashboard with Child Sites multiple times.

When I was working on a custom template for the MainWP Pro Reports I notice that WPvivid was missing from the backup check in the modern report template file (I mentioned this in another post). Is it possible there is bug on the Manage Sites page if WPvivid is used in relation to the Last Backup column always showing Never even though backups are happening?

Everything else seems to be working fine like plugin updates, WordFence scanning etc…


So another issue dealing with WPvivid and backups is when I go to update plugins it then checks if I have done a full backup in the last 3 days (great feature by the way).

2 problems exist here which is related to above.

  1. It doesn’t detect that a full backup was done (it has been the night before)

  2. When I click the backup button it just closes the window and goes back to the Site Manager. It doesn’t get WPvivid to backup the site nor does it update the plugins after.

I have brought up a few issues here (along with the report templates). Can you guys look into these backup issues with the WPvivid integration?

BTW MainWP is a great piece of software and I do appreciate all of the hard work you guys do.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for reaching out.

Please note that the WPVivid for MainWP Extension is not developed by the MainWP team, but by the WPVivid team.

It seems to me that the extension doesn’t use some of the provided hooks in order to accomplish the requirements that you are looking for.

It might be best to reach out to the WPVivid team and have them check this.

Where is the documentation for these required hooks so I can let them know the ones they need to add to fully support MainWP and the backup features it offers?

Who can they reach out to, to get more information in case they need help finishing implementing these features?

I will open a support ticket with WPvivid but I know how things go sometimes when dealing with 2 different software developers as they tend to point fingers at each other (not that this is happening here)


Hi Tom,

MainWP provides the ability for developers to create custom extensions, similar to how WP provides the ability for making plugins, but when a plugin doesn’t work as expected, it’s not WordPess’s fault.

All our developer documentation is here:

WPVivid team has access to our Slack workspace where they can chat with our dev team.
They can reach out to us directly at any time and we will give our best to help.


Okay thanks. Yup I understand how plugins work and realize it is not WordPress’s fault.

So I have submitted the issues to WPvivid support.

The only issue I guess MainWP needs to fix is those with the Pro Report Extension. WPvivid needs to be added to the backup check for the report templates.

The $plugin_active_backups variable doesn’t check for the WPvivid file so if you use WPvivid as your backup solution it will never appear in the reports. I added the line:

|| is_plugin_active( 'wpvivid-backup-mainwp/wpvivid-backup-mainwp.php' )

To fix the issue on my own site but it should be added to the source files so others will not run into this issue…

Hi Tom,

I think that the main problem is in the part where the Backup system should hook into the option to select primary backup properly:

Once this is set correctly, Pro Report and the Last Backup column should report correctly.

Not for the Reports. Here is the original line in the report template:

$plugin_active_backups     = ( is_plugin_active( 'mainwp-backwpup-extension/mainwp-backwpup-extension.php' )
							|| is_plugin_active( 'mainwp-backupwordpress-extension/mainwp-backupwordpress-extension.php' )
							|| is_plugin_active( 'mainwp-buddy-extension/mainwp-buddy-extension.php' )
							|| is_plugin_active( 'mainwp-updraftplus-extension/mainwp-updraftplus-extension.php' )
							|| is_plugin_active( 'mainwp-timecapsule-extension/mainwp-timecapsule-extension.php' )
				) ? true : false;

I had to update to include WPvivid file like so (look at the second last line):

$plugin_active_backups     = ( is_plugin_active( 'mainwp-backwpup-extension/mainwp-backwpup-extension.php' )
							|| is_plugin_active( 'mainwp-backupwordpress-extension/mainwp-backupwordpress-extension.php' )
							|| is_plugin_active( 'mainwp-buddy-extension/mainwp-buddy-extension.php' )
							|| is_plugin_active( 'mainwp-updraftplus-extension/mainwp-updraftplus-extension.php' )
							|| is_plugin_active( 'mainwp-timecapsule-extension/mainwp-timecapsule-extension.php' )
							|| is_plugin_active( 'wpvivid-backup-mainwp/wpvivid-backup-mainwp.php' ) // *** ESS CUSTOM ***
				) ? true : false;

or it wouldn’t display the Backup page of the report for WPvivid. Once I did that the report worked fine. The other stuff like the Backup Column in the site manager is still an issue but WPvivid support did get back to me and said it is on their to do list but they have yet to implement the hooks for that or running the backup before plugin updates.

Hopefully they release a fix soon.

Hi Tom,

I am happy to see that the problem is solved.
I will have our dev team include the line to support WPVivid by default.

Regrading the Sites table column, I hope they will get it fast.

Just to add here, @eSIlverStrike is absolutely right. We’ve been having the same issue for months and could never find a solution to it (we raised it with WPVivid too). Our primary backup system is correctly set and still nothing appears in the reports.

Also, even with the primary backup solution selected correctly - the ‘Last Backup’ column still shows ‘Never’ for every site.

I expect a fix may take a few months from WPvivid as they are working on other things at the moment.

Apologies for adding to an existing ticket but @bogdan, can you please let me know if the line to support WPvivid has been added?

Like @eSIlverStrike, I too am hoping WPvivid team will update the plugin so that the last backup status is updated.

@mustardseedit - Open a support request at WPvivid and let them know you want the plugin updated. Maybe if enough of us ask about it they will do it sooner.

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Tom is right, everything is set on our side.
Code that is missing is on the WPvivid side to complete.

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