Layout/styling issues in 4.3 beta

After installing the 4.3 beta plugins, there are some issues regarding layout/styling. I’ll do my best to gather them here. I did a browser cache refresh.

The group names (now Tags) are hardly readable in dark mode.

And I’m wasn’t sure what the Client column should contain, but I realize this is for the new client management function I haven’t tested yet. (solved while creating the ticket :wink: )

The Light Mode (Default Theme) is hardly readable on the Sites overview page. Relatively dark text on dark background. Similar issues are on the other pages.

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I am seeing the tag issue, and we’ll get that fixed in the next Beta, which should be Monday, but I can’t get the theme overlapping you are showing in your second picture. Can you give more detail on that?

I was already using dark mode and was just for the test switching to default mode. It’s like this on both desktop as laptop, I’ve checked Custom Dashboard Extension for CSS, but nothing related to the colors. There’s also no styling code in my uploads/mainwp/ folder and I have just a blank theme (no admin styling).

So I’ll have to investigate it more tomorrow.

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I already found out that it appears to be related to the Custom Dashboard Extension (4.1.1), so I’ll check the options and added code snippets tomorrow,

A reinstall of the extension didn’t help.

In the Settings of the Custom Dashboard Extension, the Dark theme was selected. This seems to act independently of the MainWP Theme you select in the (new) settings of MainWP under Tools.

After selecting Default in the Custom Dashboard Extension, it works fine in both Default and Dark theme.

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I have run into this as well. For some reason when having the MainWP Dashboard Extension activated the Overview page widgets are all Inverted for me. I have to go over my snippets and check that toggle myself.

::Edit confirmed the behavior you reported. Having “Dark Theme” selected within the MainWP Custom Dashboard Extension breaks the “Default” theme in several areas.::

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Fixed and pending for beta 2 release.


Fixed included in the beta 2

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