Lighthouse API not working

greetings I need help with API

I went to my google console, created project, added API LIbrary “PageSpeed Insights API” enabled.
copied the credentials to the project - copied the API key, opened the sites and selected the site - went to lighthouse click button Overwrite general settings (yes) then added the key to field Google PageSpeed Insights API key - saved

I then sync dashboard and no data

Hi Kevin,

thanks for reaching out.
Can you please try to run Audit from the MainWP > Extensions > Lighthouse extension page?
By default, the sync process does not trigger the LH audit process.

Hi I did try and it gets x no response from API server please try again

Hi Kevin,

Can you please verify that you followed these steps to create PageSpeed API projects:

and if you have some restrictions set in the API project?

Hi I did that it ad then sync dashboard and only a couple work!

I am now using one ket for all correct - what I mean is I click on extensions /. Lighthouse and at top setting - add key

Hi Kevin,

I am glad to see that it’s running better now.
At this point, I thin that the process timed-out for some sites, so it might be best to try to run it again and see how it goes.
If it keeps failing for you, please review the Settings in the LH extension and try to readjust timeouts for the best performance on your setup.

ok but am I right do I apply 1 api key to all or do apply Individual Site Lighthouse Settings API per site

Hi Kevin,

I personally have one API key for all sites. I don’t see a reason for having separate for each site for my setup.

Hi Bogdan,

No, its still only working on a couple sites
I checked Advanced Settings
Maximum execution time:10
Maximum script run time: No Limit
Throttling delay time: 0 seconds

I have re-checked and click save on each one to use the universal (1 API Key) like below

I then go the Extensions/lighthouse select say 1 site - tick box on the left ad the on dropdown select “Run Audit” and apply - but no change

I have also tried Extensions/lighthouse select top right Audit All Site - and again no change, no audit data

Could security plugins on child site cause an issue

Hi Kevin,

Yes, in some cases I can see that a security plugin could block Google PageSpeed from auditing it.
It might be best to try to disable security plugins temporarily on one site and see if that helps.

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