Link to site WP Admin loads twice?

When I click the icon to “jump to site WP Admin” the appropriate page opens in a new tab. However, after it loads it appears to refresh and reload again. Sometimes this happens fast enough that I don’t notice it, but other times there is a delay such that I may start to navigate through the child site’s dashboard but then whatever I did is eliminated as the page reloads.

To clarify, the new tab that opens displays “Redirecting…” and then the child site dashboard for a brief moment, and then it shows “Redirecting…” again and then the child site dashboard again. It is as if there is a function that is executing twice. I am using the Safari web browser.

Hey @kgourlay

Thanks for reporting this to us. However, we cannot reproduce this issue in Chrome or Firefox.

Does this happen in other browsers for you or just Safari?

And, if you are using any Safari extensions, can you please check if you are getting the same behavior even without any Safari extensions active?


Thank you for the response. I do not see this problem with Chrome. It also may be limited to working with a Tab Group in Safari. If that’s the case, the behavior could be a bug in Safari, although it’s hard to guess how that would interact with the SSO code in MainWP. Also it’s hard to be sure exactly what happens since the redirects often happen quickly enough that I don’t see all the intermediate steps.

I am not using any Safari extensions, but I will continue to try to identify the exact conditions under which I am seeing this behavior. Thanks again for your help.


You are very welcome.

Please do let us know if you manage to identify the conditions under which you are seeing this behavior, and we will investigate further.

Thank you again for your patience with me.

I have been struggling to reproduce this issue consistently, but I have been able to see the same issue with websites that are unrelated to MainWP. So I am confident that this is a bug in Safari, not in MainWP.

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