List all plugins on all sites

Is it possible to export a list of all plugins on all sites?

I have 102 sites and I want to see which plugins are being used where, and searching plugin by plugin is a slow process.

I figured that the data is there, but is there a way to export it for sorting in a spreadsheet?

It’s in the database, so the start would be a selection via phpMyAdmin like:
SELECT id, name, url, plugins FROM wp_mainwp_wp;

But then this data has to be processed, but my skills on that matter are somewhat limited, so I hope you can proceed with this first step. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ve got that data out, but it looks like the plugin names are all in serialised form. Maybe a challenge I don’t really need.

Thank you though!

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Hi Tony,

Do you need a list per site or just all plugins that are installed across all sites?

Maybe the easiest way is to run the search on the MainWP > Plugins > Advanced Auto Updates page and something like this:

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Hi, thanks for that.

I think I was hoping for a list of plugins per site for every site, but I think I might turn that on it’s head, take your idea to get all plugins and then see if I can get which sites have that plugin on

I’m trying to work out if I need to keep renewing some of my plugin licences.

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