List of known Plug-in conflicts?

I am brand new here, and I do not see that there is list of Plug-ins that interfere with MainWP child sites from connecting to the Master.
Neither am I finding any support for tweaking my child site security plug-in settings to ensure they do not conflict with MainWP (specifically, Wordfence, WP Cerber, iThemes,
Am I looking in the right spot, I would think I am not the first person to look for this info.


Answering part of my own question, here is a small tip for people who use Cerber (or maybe any whitelisting by ip security feature) Still would like to see a “Known Conflicts” document.

Tip for folks using WP Cerber security plug-in.
In order for MainWP to find a child site running WP Cerber, I had to disable Cerber until after the dashboard found it. I could then re-enable Cerber on the child site, and MainWP still worked…but for the following caveats.

In order for MainWP to work, the child site’s security whitelist needs to include the IP of the server that your MainWP master admin is on.

By looking at your Cerber Activity Dashboard of the child site after you have asked the MainWP master to update a child site, you will see “Form Submission Denied” errors from your host server. You will need to take the IP that it shows and add it to your whitelist. After doing this, MainWP can now update my child plugins.

I am pinging @bogdan here, if he can give some more information on this topic.

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When it comes to the child sites the few “conflicts” we generally see are security plugins.

I put conflicts in quotes because usually it’s not a real conflict but a setting to whitelist the Dashboard IP that’s causing the problem.

Of the top of my head I can’t think of a non-security plugin with any issues, can you @bogdan ?


iThemes Security plugin - when the Filter Long URLs option (under system settings) is enabled, it breaks the One-Click Login feature. Also, when the iThemes Security plugin is installed on MainWP Dashbboard site, it will probalby break the Install by Upload feature because it blocks requets from child sites, so child sites can’t download plugin/theme from the dashboard that needs to be installed.

Regarding the Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan, I have seen it multiple times causing the connection problem, @jandrwallace thanks for sharing the solution.

Earlier, I have seen Wordfence WAF causing problems too, but after a few WAF Rules updates, everything is working properly.


Thanks all for weighing in. As a newbie I am just trying to make sure I have everything set up ok, I am not sure I would know if all the MainWP features are actually working thru all my security stuff, but at this point, all my sites have been added without much further confusion/issues. So I think it is all ok.
Your responses were much appreciated.!


As of right now there are no “known conflicts” with any plugins. We usually like to solve these types of issues as they come up so that our Suite runs on as many WP Installations as it can. This is why there isn’t a de-facto “list of conflicts”.

As others have already suggested it’s usually Security Plugins that will give you the problems & rightfully so.

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WP Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan caused me also issue today while connecting MainWP child so I had to deactivate it to be able to connect.

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Okay @jandrwallace you got me to create a page :slight_smile:

I’m closing to clost this topic down so all new conflicts get posted in there own topic.