LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress integration

LiteSpeed Server with LiteSpeed Cache for Wordpress is one of the best optimizations for WordPress. Easy, effective and has options to ensure things just work.

I’d like to see MainWP clear or invalidate the cache when changes are made. It also has options to optimize images so that also would be nice.

Unsure if it could be taken farther but completely setting up and editing via MainWP would be fantastic.

I’m after something similar, when I use Main WP to update plugins the Litespeed cache isn’t cleared which then often breaks the site.

I’ve just found that you can force the Litespeed cache to be refreshed by adding a hook. I just need to know which hook to add here when Main WP updates a plugin the site.

Purge All Hooks

a list of recommended hooks

LSCWP executes a “Purge All” action on the cache when certain WordPress hooks are run. You can change the purge behavior for your LSCWP installation by changing these hooks. For example, if you don’t want to purge the cache every time you create a new tag or category, remove the create_term hook from the list. Or, if you do want to purge the cache every time a comment is posted on your site, you could add the comment_post hook.

LiteSpeed recommends you Purge All when the following hooks are run:

@wingnuttter @Edward_O_Rourke This was discussed recently over on the MainWP FB User group here: Redirecting...

[MainWP Code Snippet] - After WP Plugin update Hook · GitHub
[MainWP Code Snippet NO EMAIL ] - Purge LiteSpeed cache after updates. · GitHub

Optionally - You may this default WP Hook to your LiteSpeed Hook list in order to do the same thing. If you have more then one site it may be easier to utilize the MainWP CS instead.


This behavior will be added to MainWP in a Future Release…

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