Litespeed Cache issue after using Main WP to update plugins

I seem to have an issue after using Main WP to update plugins on websites that are using the Litespeed cache.

Is there a webhook that MainWP uses after updating a plugin that I can use to trigger a purge of the Litespeed cache?


@wingnuttter This has actually been talked about over on the FB MainWP user group. FB group Thread

You should be able to add this Snippet to the Child Site in question via the MainWP Code Snippets Extension.

MainWP Hook: mainwp_updates_after_plugin_updates

Add this action to fire off where it says “// your code” & save it to “Execute on Child Site” this will save it to fire off in the future as well.

do_action( ‘litespeed_purge_all’ );

source: API | LSCache for WordPress | LiteSpeed Documentation

[MainWP Code Snippet] - After WP Plugin update Hook · GitHub
[MainWP Code Snippet NO EMAIL ] - Purge LiteSpeed cache after updates. · GitHub

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