Loco translate plugin

Some plugins do not support translation. I want to speak Japanese.

MainWP Page Speed Extension

Hey @imzban

We don’t distribute translation template with Page Speed extension, so before you start translating it, you need to create one in Loco translate plugin.

After that, you will be able to add a new language and start translating.

If you would then like for us to distribute that translation with our extension, you can mail it to bojan at mainwp dot com , and we will then include the .po file in the next release of the extension.

It means that some plugins are supported and some are not. If possible, please make all extensions compatible.

Hi @imzban,

Can you please be more specific about the issue you are experiencing?
I just reviewed the code and the extension is set to support translations.
Are there some specific strings that you can’t translate?

I want to translate the plugin name in the plugin list.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to include the translation of the plugin name in the .po translation files.

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