Login to Child Sites with Dashboard Users?

Is it somehow possible to switch to the same user when I press “Jump to the Site WP-Admin” that is used to login to my MainWP Dashboard? My goal is it to deactivate the login pages on all child sites and only allow users to login via the MainWP Dashboard and from there go to the wp-admin of other sites, but if they do that all users are the mainwp user on the child site and have all the permission of the same user. As mainwp has the ability to create users, shouldn’t it also be possible for it to log into these users? Basically use mainwp as a single sign on.

The Team Control Extension should allow you to set permissions for your team and what sites they can visit.

Only allowing login from your Dashboard can probably be accomplished by setting .htacess to only allow wp- admin access from your IP of your Dashboard as referrer.

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Ah yeah, but my issue is when I have multiple accounts in the Dashboard and log into child sites from there, it always uses the same user. Which makes it hard to audit changes or change access control on these child sites. I wish it would log into a user with the same name as the one in the Dashboard so I can know who did what

Try Announcing Activity Logs for MainWP Extension | WP Activity Log

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