Lots of disconnected sites after update of MainWP

Not yet, because I don’t really understand what this will do. Is it just another workaround or a real solution? Is there a chance that it will impact other sites as well? I would like to check values on both sites first to understand what it does and what the impact might be.
With 300+ sites I don’t want to take risks and it’s not the same child site over and over, it seems to be completely random.

The symptoms are similar and the cause isn’t clear yet, so I think it’s too early to rule things out. If you say that the object cache issue existed before, I would’ve hoped it was handled already.

Hi Jos,

Almost every day I still have 1 or 2 sites that disconnect and can only be reconnected after deactivating and reactivating the MainWP Child plugin.

Is it always the same sites or random ones?

Considering that you have reset the MainWP Child plugin on the child sites and reconnected, I think this issue is unrelated to the issue reported in this topic at the beginning. Even though, the symptoms are almost the same, I am assuming it’s something different that is causing the problem.

Just so I understand the problem, when a sige gets disconnected, and you reset the MainWP Child plugin & reconnect sites, are you able to sync them normally or the connection drops again on sync?


That’s why I said that before as well. The similarities are the symptoms and the timeline.

Then everything works fine again. I’m not certain if I’ve had sites that had this issue twice yet, but I can’t rule that out.

Hi Jos,

Thanks for the additional details.

Next time you get one site disconnected, can you please reach out to me via Helpdesk ticket so I can collect more info about the child site and try to figure out what is causing the problem?

The error that occurs means that the Dashboard can’t reconnect the child site because the Child site already has the Public Key set, but why the connection dropped could be caused my multiple factors,… it can be object cache as Bojan mentioned, or some other plugin interfering in the process… So I would like to look into it a bit deeper.

I can create a ticket, but as you know I won’t give unsupervised access to my dashboard or client sites. I can show you around via a video call or I can make selections in the database, check files etc. That’s what I offered before, but I’ve been waiting since to get more instructions. And as I offer daily update checks it’s not an option to wait for many hours or even days for an investigation, even though I want it to be solved as well.

@bogdan I’ve just created a ticket for 2 sites that are disconnected at the moment.

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The problem still exists even with the current version. From 260 pages randomly 30 pages get disconnected and throw the “public key is set” error. This is extremly annoying, because we need to manually fix this until it happens again. We offer our customers a recurring check of their pages and updates, due to the problems we can currently not fullfil this promise.

Hi @dms, can you please open a helpdesk ticket so we can get more details and see what is going on?

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@SuppY This might be not the same issue as in this topic. Here we have 2 issues actually. The one that arose with where all clients were disconnected for long-time MainWP users. And a second one where random sites get disconnected (just 1 or 2 per day).

In your case it looks like a server problem if the disconnected sites are all on the same server. It would be better to create a separate post or ticket for this with all relevant information.

A post was split to a new topic: Half of the site disconnect when performing updates

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