Main WP high CPU usage

Ive been noticing whenever i scan my websites, my CPU usage skyrockets. Hosting in Cloudways. Any way to help with this? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Max

Can you please clarify what you mean by β€œscan” in this context?

The Sync Dashboard with Sites button

Thanks for the clarification.

Please note that synchronization with the child site is a somewhat CPU-intensive process, so a brief spike in CPU usage is not unexpected.
If this is causing issues with the availability of other sites hosted on that server, please consider increasing the server resources.

You may also try decreasing the number of simultaneous sync requests your Dashboard makes (on Dashboard > Settings > Advanced Settings page). This will increase the sync time but may help with the CPU resources.

And do you mind sharing with us the number of child sites your Dashboard has, the current setting for Maximum simultaneous sync requests, and your server specifications (CPU cores, RAM)?

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Yes it does go down after some time. I have 4 set on the simultaneous requests, 8 sites, 2gb ram and 64gb disk

See if having four max simultaneous sync requests alleviates the problem and consider lowering it even further.

And if not, you may have to look into either increasing your server resources or checking if anything else may be keeping your CPU at high utilization.


For a little bit more information on what is happening during the Syncing process, we have a KB article on it. MainWP Dashboard - Child Synchronization Process Explained - MainWP Documentation


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